We have a wide range of products to serve various customers. Here are some of the products that we supply to different home contractors.



We supply windows that are energy efficient and are of high quality. Our advanced glazing products include insulated frames, double-glazing and weather tight seals, latest security features, and many more. These windows ensure minimum heat loss. We provide windows made of wood, PVCu and aluminium. Our windows are also noise proof, so no outside disturbance can affect you when you are inside your house.



We work with the best brands in the door market. Our close relationship with our manufacturers gives us a competitive advantage over others. We provide various kinds of glazing, locks and panels. You will also get everything you need to install the doors; which includes trims, screws, mastic and glues.

Solid conservatory roofs


A conventionally glazed conservatory roof is the best option if you are considering an extension to your existing conservatory or want to build a new one. Our roof system will replace the existing glass roof of a conservatory. Replacing roofs will cause minimum disruption to the household and the task can be completed in just three days. Our roofs are tested and approved to all structural and thermal standards.



We provide internal and external cladding. Cladding is a colorful weatherboard that offers the natural beauty of timber, at the same time, provides the durability of fibre cement or PVCu. Cladding is appropriate for both classic and modern home design. Our cladding is versatile and can be used with building materials like timber, brick or stone.

Download our brochure or call our representative for more information regarding our products. We provide 100% guarantee for our products, so you can rely on us.